ROLL-VYL® is an exceptional product range specially developed to solve the problems of distortion of roller shutters due to temperature increase on the surface (in particular for dark colours exposed to solar radiation).

All the ROLL-VYL® compounds are manufactured by TPV Compound according to ISO 9001:2008 Certification. 
ROLL-VYL® is a TPV compound Registered Trade Mark and its applications are subject to patent.
We ensure a high quality level thanks to:

  • certified manufacturing plants;
  • stringent checks on raw material;
  • stringent checks on finished products.

In this way we obtain:

  • constant and reproducible production;
  • high-level performance;
  • guaranteed quality.

Other Applications

TPV compound offers its clients the possibility to develop preparations on the basis of individual requirements (tailor-made compounds).
In this way, we are able to meet all the different requests that can come from our customers regarding colours and technical features for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Shoes;
  • automotive (indoor & outdoor);
  • leisure activities;
  • nautical industry.